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Benny Friedman & Eli Marcus - MBD English Medley - Tenathon 2

Win great prizes in this year's Ten Yad auction! Double-your-luck valid until Wednesday, November 2. Buy tickets now at Join us live on Sunday, November 6 at 6:30 pm for the 3rd Annual Tenathon featuring Avraham Fried, Ohad, Benny Friedman, Yanky & Shulem Lemmer, Daniel Ahaviel "The Chassidic Violinist" and mentalist Meni Hollander and to see the winners drawn live! #TenYad #TENATHON _________________________________________________________________ Sunday October 17th 2022 Accompanied by the Freilach Band and the Shira Choir Executive Producers: Schneur Nejar and Shimon Sabol Program Director: Dovid Weinbaum Creative Direction, Marketing and Design: Moishe Muchnik, Zalman Friedman, Mendel Nemanov and the Spotlight Design Team Video and Content: Shlomo Chaim Rivkin, Rivkin Media Musical Director: Tzvi Blumenfeld Music: Avrumi Schreiber/ Freilach Band Filming, Live Mixing and Broadcasting: Bracha Torenheim and Yankee Teitelbaum, Flowmotion Stage and Lighting: Yan Vanibalt and Jimmy Yeret, Dynamic Vision Decor and Flowers: Chani Greenbaum Multimedia Graphics: Shmulik Benharush and Chaim Vaknin, VisualLive Sound Engineer: Eli Lishinsky Catering: Levi Feigenson of Table One


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