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Benny Friedman & Baruch Levine - Vshavu Banim|בני פרידמן וברוך לוין - ושבו בנים -Mosdos Kever Rochel

Released by Mosdos Kever Rachel in honor of the 3,574th Yahrtzeit of Rachel Imeinu. Please help sustain the activities of Mosdos Kever Rachel For 24 hours a day, Mosdos Kever Rachel has a a year-round kollel at the kever and provides free food and drinks for visitors from around the world. They are davening on our behalf, pleading with our mama to intercede for us in shamayim. Performed By: Benny Friedman & Baruch Levine Composed & Written By: Chayala Neuhaus Music Produced & Arranged By: Doni Gross Recorded At: DeG Studios Special Thanks to Boruch Goldberger Shir V’shevach Boys Choir Recorded At Master Studios, Airmont NY Arranged by Chaim Meir Fligman Choir Members Yitzchok Fligman Shia Tyrnauer Simchy Lieser Dovi Illowitz Zevi Holczler Sruly Biegeleisen Video Directed by: Moshe Shindler Moshe Niehaus Lead Editor: Mordy Fisgus Special Effects: Mordy Fisgus Shayna Goldman Associate Producers: Rivky Leibenstein - Managing Editor Devorah Loeb Usher Weldler Special Effects: Mordy Fisgus - CCO/Director of Special Effects Jeremy Lewis - Associate Director Shayna Goldman- Associate VFX Editor Cinematography and Light Design: Jeremy Vann Moshe Finkelstein Special Thank you to: Eli Lipschitz Miriam Eisenberg Throughout history, when Klal Yisroel cries in pain we run like a child to our mother. Mama Rachel, we yearn for your comfort and your tefillos and we beg: Please take our pain straight to the kisei hakavod! Please plead and intercede on our behalf. Cry along with us and shake the heavens for us, your aching children. Mama, when you lost your lot in life, you didn’t ask any questions. You believed in the same Master Plan that we still cling to. But now we need you to ask. We beg you to stand before Hashem and don’t stop asking: When? When will this galus come to an end? Mama, please don’t stop asking when! This song was written for Mosdos Kever Rochel, to express the yearning of our collective hearts. May we be zoche to the geulah sheleima b’karov. --------------------------- Lyrics: Looking back at the trail of tears behind them the past they cherished disappeared from sight hearts torn from the home they’d never see again Thrust into an exile, wanderers of the night But along the road she waited For her children For who else but a mother eases pain Her resting place was chosen for this reason To be that one lone space of comfort that remains So we carry our prayers to you mamme rochel With no more words and only tears - to you mamme rochel When our world seems to end, we come back to you again Mamme don’t stop asking when mamme mamme rochel Mamme you did not ask why mamme mamme rochel Mamme you did not ask how mamme mamme rochel But please don’t hold back your tears Let your voice be heard again Mamme don't stop asking when Mamme mamme rochel Kol berama nishma…… When our lives have been shaken It is here that we feel safe So we turn to you- there's nowhere else to run The future feels uncertain But in this promise we have faith Veshavu veshavu vanim legvulam -- Benny Marketing: I & Me Media Connect with Benny: Instagram - TikTok - Twitter - YouTube - @BennysMusic For bookings and inquiries: | WhatsApp: (352) 770-1439 להזמנות אירועים בארץ ישראל: יונתן יחיאל - 0525000210 |

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