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Baruch Levine - Akiva Nichamtanu (Acapella) | ברוך לוין - עקיבא נחמתנו-ווקאלי [Official Lyric Video]

During this time of collective mourning for the talmidim of רבי עקיבא, maybe we can take comfort in רבי עקיבא's words of נחמה for his nation, and daven for the גאולה בקרוב Here is an acapella edition & lyric video of the song, עקיבא נחמתנו/Akiva Nichamtanu. Originally Recorded on: Baruch Levine / Peduscha Composed and Performed by: Baruch Levine Lyrics By: Ruchie Torgow Vocal Production by: Doni Gross Baruch Levine Marketing: I & Me Media Special Thanks to Sarah B Now Streaming Everywhere: - Connect with Baruch! Instagram - Twitter - Copyright 2022 by Baruch Levine - All rights reserved.


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