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B'kolos U'vrakim - ft. Zanvil Weinberger, Shira Choir, Freilach Band, Mona Rosenblum | בקולות וברקים

It was thousands of years ago when the Jewish nation stood at the foothills of Har Sinai to accept the Torah. The sun beating down, the smell of flowers in the air and an excitement in their hearts that we can only fathom. Now, conductor Mona Rosenblum has taken this story and breathed life into it. As you watch The Shira Choir, Freilach Band and Zanvil Weinberger perform this spectacular rendition of בקולות וברקים, at a Hachnosas Sefer Torah event in Ateres Avrohom, feel your heart swell with gratitude and enthusiasm. The moving lyrics, taken from Mussaf of Rosh Hashana, paired with the incomparable talent of R' Rosenblum's musical composition, a 10-member choir, a 50-piece band and a spectacular singer from Israel, makes this, without question, an indelible art piece like no other. Credits: Composed, Arranged & Conducted by: Mona Rosenblum Singer: Zanvil Weinberger Choir: Shira Choir Led by: Leiby Fasten Music by: Freilach Band / Avrumi Schreiber Mix & Mastered by: Shlome Wechter - Volume Studios Live Sound: Check One Two Productions / Shulem Heiman House Engineer: Eli Lishinsky Stage Engineer: Baba Buerger Lighting & Video: Halo Productions Stage: ABC Fabulous Stage Manager: Gadol Project Manager: Daniel Pearlman Stage Design: Eli Friedman Productions VJ: VisuaLive Event Director: Shlomi Shteinmetz Video & Editing: Motty Engel ————————— Shira Choir - Bookings: 718-855-SHIRA(7447) Follow Shira on social media: Instagram: Telegram: Twitter: WhatsApp: WhatsApp Group:


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