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Avrumy Samet - Elokai Neshomo | אברומי סמט - אלוקי נשמה (אברמי סמט - Avrumi Samet) Elokai Neshomo is now Available for Streaming & Download on all Platforms, Enjoy😀😊😀: Lyrics: אלוקי נשמה שנתת בי, טהורה היא אתה בראתה, טהורה היא אתה יצרתה, טהורה היא ואתה נפחתה אוי משמרה בקרבי. Thank You Hashem For Giving Me The Merit To Be A Yid, To Love You & Daven To You... Credits: Produced & Arranged By: Manchester Jewish Music. Composed & Sung By: Avrumy Samet. Music & Mixed By: Yanky Cohen. Kids Choir By: Shir V'shevach. Arranged and Conducted By: Chaim Meir Fligman Children's Choir Recorded at: Master Studios, Airmont NY Engineer by Chaim Meir Fligman. Child Soloist: Dovi Barhorin. Recorded & Edited By: Sound Sonic Studios, London, Child Actor: Moshe Chaim & Elimeilech Kaddosh. Graphic design & Filmed & Edited & video production By: Awesome Days Productions: Digital Distribution: Mobile1 Music. PR: Mendi Kurant- +972-587717702 | Thank You To All My Friends Who Helped Me With This Production. Special Thanks to My Dear Friends: Stuart & Judy Lachs, Tzvi Rubinstein. #jewish_music #Samet #תפילה Avrumy Samet | אברומ


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