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*** It will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned for more details. Yerushalyim Oroh Shel Olam, Aleh Katan, Yesimcho, Hinei Ma Tov, Baruch Haboh and so many more. These are the songs we have come to love from Avraham Fried. They have been the song tracks to our lives for the last 40+ years, through thick and thin. I hope and pray that this song book will give the younger generation the opportunity to enjoy the very Songs their fathers and mothers, and zaydies and bubbies grew up with. The songs are accompanied with delightful pictures and meaningful messages. Enjoy! Concept And production: Yuval Stupel Artwork and layout: David Van-Den-Berg Musical arrangements: Yuval Stupel Children's choir of R' Chaim Banet Mixed by: Chaim Gottessman Texts written by: Avraham Fried and Yuval Stupel Graphic design: Shirli Horwitz PROMO: Concept And production: Yuval Stupel Filming: Yoni Zur Studio Multimedia Production: VisuaLive Photographer: Chaim Twito

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