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All Fired Up!🔥 A Second Dance with Simcha Jacoby, Lipa Brach Productions & Yedidim Choir

What happens when you bring together a Litvishe singer with Chassidishe musicians and choir? You get REAL GOOD Jewish music! Get all fired up with this awesome new dance clip featuring the fresh new talent of rising stars Simcha Jacoby & Lipa Brach productions backed up by the veteran Yedidim Choir. Songs: Umein - Shmueli ungar/Hershy Weinberger Liba Boi - Beri Weber/Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Hofachta - Avraham Fried/Yitzy waldner Mchalkeil Chaim - Eli Marcus/Avrumi Berko Gesher Tzar - Beri Weber/Yitzy berry Credits: Music Arranged by: Lipa Brach Productions Yedidim Choir arranged by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs Guitars: Motti Feldman and Pinny Lunger Brass: New York Brass/ Danny Flam Live Sound: BH Audio Engineer: Lazar Berkowitz Post Production: Lipa Brach Mix & Master: V-Gold Beat Production - 917-854-0280 Lighting: Lobo Lighting Stage Managers: GW Lighting and Binem Hirschler Filmed at Ne’emas Hachaim, Lakewood, NJ Video Filmed by: Motty Engel Video Eedit by: Ari Levy - Studio On Dot Marketing: I & Me Media Special Thanks to Yanky Steimetz - To book Simcha Jacoby Call/Text: 848-373 6563 Email: WhatsApp: 732-942-7535 Telegram: Instagram: YouTube: To book Lipa Brach Productions Call: 845.694.2918 WhatsApp: 8456942918 Telegram: Instagram: To book Yedidim Choir Call: (347)871-8753 Twiter/instagram: @YedidimChoir SHOW LESS


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