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Eastern Europe is full of enchanting views, lush forests and charming villages that look like illustrations in a storybook.

It’s also replete with some of our greatest leaders’ hometowns and resting places, where they changed Jewish history.

Thousands have trekked to these sites in Eastern Europe, ever since the spiritual giants who lived there transformed these places from unremarkable cities into destinations charged with uplifting spirit. Through harsh winters, unpaved mud roads, in rickety wagons, visitors came in droves, thirsting for the words of Torah and avodah, for the pathway to a world of spiritual greatness.

And now it’s your turn.

Incredible Itineraries

Lalechet’s goal is to give you that amazing experience. We provide everything you need on your entire trip, from excellent transportation to beautiful hotels, delicious meals from our kitchen under the supervision of Badatz of Antwerp, and flawless itineraries.

Connect to our glorious past in famous cities like Krakow, Prague and Lizensk. Capture the essence and spirit of these special places.

Enjoy meaningful and memorable moments in famous historical cities, ancient villages, and idyllic sweeping landscapes.

Every Detail,

Planned to Perfection

Lalechet provides a unique, five star experience. Your trip is full of small touches as we go the extra mile to make your journey magical. Lalechet serves gourmet, lavish meals every day along your journey, cooked fresh by our world class chefs in our private kitchens throughout Europe.

We take care of everything for you, down to the last perfect, flawless detail. Travel in comfort and luxury, and absorb a meaningful, beautiful trip that gives you a mesmerizing perspective on our heritage and history.


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