A Special Dance - Shloime Zalmen Perl - Yossi Shtendig - Shira שלמה זלמן פערל - יוסי שטענדיג - שירה

A Special Dance - Shloime Zalmen Perl - Yossi Shtendig - Shira שלמה זלמן פערל - יוסי שטענדיג - שירה It"s electrifying, energetic, live and spellbinding, guaranteed to fascinate the audience, Shloime Zalmen Perl Present at his sister's wedding a ostentatious performance for "A Special Dance Video" Shloime Zalmen is the chicanery to get the vibe on the dance floor Live Wedding performances by Yossi Shtendig Production Shloime Zalmen Perl back up vocals featuring by the greatest and famous Shira Choir led by Yoely Horowitz. Video Credits: Music Arranged & conducted by: Yossi Shtendig Sung by: Shloime Zalmen Perl Back up vocals: The Shira Choir conducted by Yoely Horowitz Video Editer: High Quality Media Digital Marketing: All About Weddings Technical Producer & Description: Ari Pollak. Musician's: Saxophone 1: Shlomi Chon Saxophone 2: Ron Bertolet Trumpet: Justin Mullins Trombone: Matt Mcdonald Guitar: Mendy Oberlender Song Credits: Mi ma - Avraham Freid - Composed By Yossi Green Bar Ilu - Shmueli Ungar & Ohad - Composed By Hershy Weinberger Ut Ut - Avraham Freid - Composed By Bentzy Stein Beinyan Simcha - Mbd - Composed By Aaron Razel Der Vaiber - Composed By Lipa Schmeltzer Music Bookings • description • Social media • Contact Ari: 1-929 - 266- 5439. Follow Shloime Zalmen on Instagram https://instagram.com/shloimezalmenpe... Yossi Shtendig https://instagram.com/yossishtendig?u... The Shira Choir https://instagram.com/theshirachoir?u... High Quality Media https://instagram.com/high.quality.me... ————————— Follow All About Weddings On Social Media 👇👇 • Telegram: http://bit.ly/2EJ24qT • Instagram: http://bit.ly/2EQ2Mm9 • WhatsApp Status: https://bit.ly/AllAboutWeddingsStatus • YouTube: https://YouTube.com/AllAboutWedding • For Upload Inquiries Contact Us AllAboutWeddingUploads@gmail.com —————————