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Concrete Wall

A Royal Compilation Featuring Berko Brothers, Shira, Yingerlech

A Royal Compilation A Bridge to London. A Salute to Yigal Calek. The London School of Jewish Song has brought us many classical melodies that we have enjoyed over the years. They are some of the most nostalgic tunes sung at many occasions. Avrumi Berko and his Production accompanied by Shea Berko, The Shira Choir and Yingerlech performed some of his many hits on stage. These songs are a collection of just a few of the hits that we have come to appreciate. Pada Besholom - Yigal Calek Be'ein Meilitz Yosher - Yisroel Craimer Yikum Purkon - Spencer Lichtig Koh Amar - Yossi Green Mareh Kohen - Yigal Calek Venue: Eminence Hall Music: Avrumi Berko Production Live Sound: Eagle Production Live Engineer: Yoely Karpen Lighting: GW Lighting Stage Design: Lipa Feldman Live Footage: Motty Engel Editing: TwoTone Media Thumbnail: I & Me Media Lead Singer: Shea Berko Adult Choir: Shira Choir lead by Yoely Horowitz Follow Shira on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: WhatsApp: Kids Choir: Yingerlech lead by Shea Rozen Music arranged and mixed by Avrumi Berko. Special Thanks to Reb Yissroel Besser and Reb Sheya Mendlowitz for the song selection.


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