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A Moment of Soul - Avraham Fried - R' Shais Taub - Cantor Yaakov Lemmer

A Moment of Soul is a brief explanation of the journey a soul goes on during the High Holidays. Accompanied by a musical arrangement, Cantor Yaakov Lemmer and R. Avraham Fried sing the prayers for Yom Kippur while R. Shais Taub elaborates on what the soul experiences during that time. A Behind the Beard Production

Producer/Director - C.A. Green Executive Producers - Avremel Chazanow and Yisroel New Director of Photography/Editor - Bentzi Avtzon Lead Singers - Cantor Yaakvo Lemmer and R. Avraham Fried Narrator - R. Shais Taub Musicians - Ruevein Gross and Reuven Donnenberg Sound Recordist - Nico Osborne Audio Mix Enginner - J Mendicino Location - Congregation Chasam Sopher #AvrahamFried #ShaisTaub #YaakovLemmer


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