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A Biber hat that doesn't get damaged from rain?!: Check out Krausz NEW NOBLE (Zeidene) Hat!

Experience the epitome of hat innovation at Krausz Hatters in Lakewood, where tradition meets technology just in time for Pesach!

Explore our extensive collection, including classic tall hats, sleek flat hats, and everything you need to refresh your headwear for the holiday. But the real star of the show? Our revolutionary Nobel (Zeidene) hats! Crafted with a futuristic blend of materials, including a water-resistant plastic base, these hats defy convention. Say goodbye to rain-soaked worries as you effortlessly wipe away water and stains, leaving your hat looking brand new. Elevate your style without breaking the bank - these marvels are priced at just $220, a steal compared to the standard $350.

Visit Krausz Hatters in the belz area. call 347-356-8158 to immerse yourself in the future of hat fashion this Pesach season!


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