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5 types of Chulent on 1 plate?! Menu for the entire family + Mega shabbos menu ONLY at Nostalgia!

Welcome to Nostalgia, where Moishy takes us on a culinary journey with the Chulent sampler plate, offering a taste of all six unique varieties of chulent. Each one is crafted to perfection, giving you a true experience of traditional flavors.

Don't miss out on our super special Pastrami sandwich! For only $12.49, you get a very generous and flavorful sandwich, perfect for a hearty meal without breaking the bank.

Be part of the famous gala debate, now deliciously resolved with Nostalgia's amazing Gala. Our Gala is a must-try, bringing a delightful twist to a classic favorite.

Bring the whole family for a delicious and satisfying meal. Our menu has something for everyone, making Nostalgia the perfect place for gatherings and family dinners.

Join us for our famous Erev Shabbos menu, available from Thursday night until the zman. This menu is specially designed to bring the warmth and flavors of Shabbat to your table.

You can find us at 1200 River Ave, where we are ready to serve you with the best traditional dishes. For your convenience, we accept orders and offer delivery services. Just give us a call at 732-705-9222 to place your order.

Come by and experience the taste of tradition at Nostalgia!


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