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10,000 Jewish Babies And An Untold Number of Generations

When you hear the name #BoneiOlam, what comes to mind – an organization that assists couples struggling with fertility. Yet, built on the needs of our community, Bonei Olam does so much more beyond IVF and paying medical bills. Bonei Olam offers assistance and guidance with genetic testing and counseling, pregnancy loss, high risk pregnancy, oncofertility, and so much more. When it comes to the world of infertility, there can be a wide spectrum of contributing factors. Whether the struggle lies in female infertility or male factor infertility, Bonei Olam helps with getting to the bottom of the issue and how to hopefully resolve it. While most commonly known for assisting couples with primary infertility, Bonei Olam helps many couples struggling with secondary infertility as well. Unfortunately, this is more common and prevalent than one would think. Whether in need of a specific doctor, connection to halachic guidance, or any sort of direction or support, one should not go through it alone! While information and resources are transient, medical breakthroughs and discoveries are always at Bonei Olam’s forefront. A more recent endeavor Bonei Olam has initiated is assisting unmarried women in preserving their dream of one day having a family by supporting them through the egg freezing process. Besides financial assistance, one is recommended to top highly acclaimed clinics and is guided in a step-by-step process through the medical journey with a personal counselor, all while under halachic guidance. Another more recent branch of Bonei Olam, Kesher, was created to help young men and women with any medical challenges find their soulmates. Kesher works thoroughly with geneticists, doctors, and shadchanim to match couples from a worldwide database from all backgrounds. A Kesher shadchan considers each person’s facets and preferences before proposing a match. Working preemptively to match couples with any sort of medical, physical, emotional, or genetic limitations avoids unnecessary disappointment in the shidduch process. Whatever challenge or struggle it may be, please, always reach out. Bonei Olam is here to help in whatever capacity. One may not need the financial assistance, but our team of top-tier medical experts and doctors can get you the medical attention, advice, and connections needed to help you in your journey. From a listening ear with one of our trained counselors to a hard-to-get appointment with a top specialist, Bonei Olam is here to help. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call.


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