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קליפ רשמי | יואלי ווייס - הנרות הללו | Yoely Weiss - Haneiros Haluli | Official Music Video

This new beautiful song was composed by Yoely Weiss, in honor of the Shabbos family of Harav Berl and Rivky Strohli. A home for Hashems kids. The new song Haneiros Haluli Composed and sung by: Yoely Weiss Produced and Arranged and music by: The most talented Lipa Brach Productions. Guitars: Motti Feldman Mix: V-Gold Beat Productions Creative direction and cover art design, by a very good friend, the most talented designer: Yanky Perl Special Thanks to the most talented, dedicated and hearted person for making this project happen, from start to finish and everything in between: Shlomy Krausz and the Triangle Media team. Video editing by: Hatzadik Lazer Deutsch A special thanks to: Dovy Tesler, My beloved brother Ari Bari Buckser, Yanky R, Eli Masri, Pinchus Raab @LatestTalks , Gershy Schwartz @EdgwareStudio , Yanky Hershko and Yanky Blau, You guys are amazing. Heart heart and heart again, I don't want to underestimate you with the word thank you, Your the best ever: Motty Berger A special thanks to: Dovi Gutter AKA Dovi The Magician. And thank you guys, you really shine up a chanukah table: Pinny Masarano, Zurach Spira, Moshe Masri, Meir Tevlovitz, Mechy Friedman, Sendy Fuchs, Moshy Gelbman, Viggy Sampson, Leibish Braun, Mechy Oberlander. All rights reserved ©️2022 Yoely Weiss די הייליגע לעכטעלעך פון חנוכה, זאל אין מיין הארץ אריינשיינען. די הייליגע לעכטעלעך פון חנוכה, ניסים וואס טוט אונז דערמאנען. הנרות הללו אנו מדליקין,על הניסים ועל הנפלאות. ועל הישועות ועל הנחמות, בימים ההם בזמן הזה.


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